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                  发布者:澳门葡京游戏平台办公室     时间:2016-11-15

                  East China University of Science and Technology

                  School of Business

                  Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/Other High-level Talents in Economics and Finance



                  Each year the School of Business at East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST) has a number of openings for full-time tenure track faculties and researchers in a variety of positions. Departments of Economics together with Department of Finance currently accept faculty positions including assistant professor, associate professor, full professor, distinguished associate research fellow, distinguished research fellow, and other high-level talents of The Thousand Youth Talents Plan, The Chang Jiang Scholar Program and The Thousand Talents Plan. The following fields will be given top priority: Microeconomics (Industrial Organization, Resource and Environmental Economics), Macroeconomics (International Economics and Trade,Urban and Regional Economics  ,Public Economics), Econometrics (Spatial Econometrics), and Finance (Quantitative Finance).


                  Applicants should hold a doctorate degree in economics, finance or related fields in world-famous universities at the time of appointment. Applicants must have a strong commitment to effective teaching, productive scholarly research quality professional service to school and the society.


                  To be considered at the rank of assistant professor, the applicants should have published or have the potential to publish important academic articles in core journals in the international academic circles. To be considered at the rank of associate professor and full professor, the candidate must have a record of teaching excellence and publication in recognized top journals, or should be the top-notch talents in their research fields, or have been awarded with distinguished academic awards.


                  The School provides excellent academic environment and state-of-the-art teaching facilities. We offer competitive packages that include salary, start-up research fund, housing subsidies, and other fringe benefits. The appointment will be initially on a three-year fixed-term basis, with the possibility of renewal or on tenure for qualified candidates.


                  Although all applications submitted by 03/31/2017 will be considered for positions starting in Fall 2017, you are encouraged to submit your application by 12/15/2016 for full consideration for interview at the AEA annual meeting in Chicago.


                  Located in Xuhui District of Shanghai, ECUST is one of the leading research-oriented national universities under the direct administration of the National Ministry of Education. The vision of School of Business is to be a leading business school in China, and the mission is to bridge business with technology, and to nurture managerial talent with advanced knowledge and practical ability. The school has been ranked as one of the top business schools in mainland China. For more information, please visit:




                  Please submit a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, samples of your research work, three reference letters, teaching evaluations (if available), and other relevant materials to our recruitment specialist Ms. Ying Wang by mail or email. Questions about your application may be directed to Dr. Lin Shen (Associate Professor, Department of Economics) at vwlde@hotmail.com.


                  Ying Wang

                  School of Business

                  East China University of Science & Technology

                  130 Meilong Road

                  Shanghai, China 200237

                  Tel: 86-21-64253882 (O); 86-13917498658 (M)

                  Fax: 86-21-64251324 (O)

                  Email: yingwang@ecust.edu.cn



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